About Us

"small roasts, big flavour"

We are passionate about great tasting coffee. Starting with our simple roasting techniques, we hand roast in small batches and fresh-seal the beans in bags with one-way degassing valves. We strive to bring you the best premium, fair trade, and organic coffees possible by roasting to order. Ordering is simple on our on-line store or you can call us the old fashioned way.

Enjoy our new loose leaf premium teas. We import only the freshest, top quality teas. Just like our coffee, we only package when you order. We offer it in a classy, reusable tin keeping the freshness all inside.

Free delivery on orders over $50 anywhere in Ontario. Mount Albert and Stouffville residents enjoy free shipping on orders over $20.

Please enquire about wholesale, custom blending, and fundraisers.

Why the Clipper Name?

American Clipper Ships began importing coffee and tea as early as the 1840's. These graceful and sleek vessels built mainly in North America and Britain were designed with three masts and easily outdated trading ships. The coffee clipper and the tea clipper were ship-rigged vessels with sharp bows designed for speed. The boom years of the Clipper Ship Era began in 1843 as a result of the growing demand for a more rapid delivery of getting the freshest tea from China. That's why we love the Clipper Ship.

All photographs on the website were taken on our coffee travels

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